Automatyka i robotyka zawodem przyszłości

Robotics in medicine

Medical robots, used to be science fiction, today – a tool increasingly used in medicine, soon – something completely commonplace.
The next classes of the Automation and Robotics – the profession of the future project, held at the Technical University of Łódź, focused on medical robotics.
During the theoretical part of the workshop, participants learnt about the principles of operation of medical robots, rehabilitation robots and bionic prostheses. They also learned what factors designers must take into account when designing them.
The practical part of the course consisted of putting the acquired knowledge into practice. Divided into groups, the students were tasked with designing a device to help rehabilitate a specific body part. The final element of the process was the construction of the designed structure from available materials.
Looking at the involvement of the students of the Automation and Robotics Technical School during the medical robotics class, we can expect that some of them will choose a career related to medicine.