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Second project publication released

Hi! 👋

We have great news for everyone interested in development and innovation in VET!🎓🛠️
Our latest educational adventure has resulted in an amazing publication about what vocational education looks like in Norway, so we can see what we can do better in Poland.

Written by our teachers and experts from the Lodz University of Technology, it’s full of inspiring ideas and practical tips that can really make a positive difference in our vocational education. 🌟💡 We visited several schools and universities in Norway to bring you the best.

You’ll find information from us about how vocational education is now, what changes have taken place in recent years and what we can learn from it. All of this has been discussed with our Norwegian partners, which adds value to the publication.

We are looking forward to your opinions and thoughts! This is an ideal read for everyone who is curious about how we can develop vocational education in Poland, based on the best models. 📘🌍

Find out what new things we can introduce in our schools and what innovative solutions we can adopt.
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