Automatyka i robotyka zawodem przyszłości

Third project publication released

Hi! 👋!

Take a look at what we have in store for You! We’ve been exploring the amazing world of automation and robotics – from industry to medicine and even flying vehicles! 🚀💡 In our latest publication, you’ll find many inspiring applications and innovations that have never seen the light of day before.

All to show you how fascinating it can be to create something new and how many opportunities there are in these fields. This is a real treasure trove of knowledge for anyone who dreams of a career where innovation and cutting-edge technology play first fiddle. 🎶🛠 Our experts from the Lodz University of Technology shared their experiences and presented solutions created specifically for different industries.

If you are thinking about linking your future to automation and robotics, this publication may inspire you to follow your own development path and explore the endless possibilities of these fields. Discover how you can help shape the future! What fascinates you most about automation and robotics?

We invite you to find out more below!