Automatyka i robotyka zawodem przyszłości

Third project publication released

Third project publication released

Hi! 👋!

Take a look at what we have in store for You! We’ve been exploring the amazing world of automation and robotics – from industry to medicine and even flying vehicles! 🚀💡 In our latest publication, you’ll find many inspiring applications and innovations that have never seen the light of day before.

All to show you how fascinating it can be to create something new and how many opportunities there are in these fields. This is a real treasure trove of knowledge for anyone who dreams of a career where innovation and cutting-edge technology play first fiddle. 🎶🛠 Our experts from the Lodz University of Technology shared their experiences and presented solutions created specifically for different industries.

If you are thinking about linking your future to automation and robotics, this publication may inspire you to follow your own development path and explore the endless possibilities of these fields. Discover how you can help shape the future! What fascinates you most about automation and robotics?

We invite you to find out more below!

DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY for years 2023 – 2028


Hey! 🚀📚

We want to share something special with you! We have developed a new strategy to better prepare you for your future career or education. It’s all thanks to what we’ve learned in workshops, trainings, and more. 🛠️💼

Our observations and conversations with you, analysis of what you’ve learned, and post-course feedback have allowed us to create something that truly addresses your needs and aspirations. And best of all, our strategy is also based on the experience of vocational schools in Norway! ✨

This means that we will introduce innovative teaching methods that are more connected to the real world of work, all to make our school even more attractive to you and future employers. 🌟👷‍♂️👩‍🔬

We hope these changes will open even more doors for you and help you realize your dreams of a cool, valuable job or further development in directions you are passionate about.

💪🎓 This strategy is just the beginning – together we can do more!

Take a look at the details and let us know what you think! Is there anything in particular that you are interested in or would like us to develop? We are here for you! 🤗

Second project publication released

Second project publication released

Hi! 👋

We have great news for everyone interested in development and innovation in VET!🎓🛠️
Our latest educational adventure has resulted in an amazing publication about what vocational education looks like in Norway, so we can see what we can do better in Poland.

Written by our teachers and experts from the Lodz University of Technology, it’s full of inspiring ideas and practical tips that can really make a positive difference in our vocational education. 🌟💡 We visited several schools and universities in Norway to bring you the best.

You’ll find information from us about how vocational education is now, what changes have taken place in recent years and what we can learn from it. All of this has been discussed with our Norwegian partners, which adds value to the publication.

We are looking forward to your opinions and thoughts! This is an ideal read for everyone who is curious about how we can develop vocational education in Poland, based on the best models. 📘🌍

Find out what new things we can introduce in our schools and what innovative solutions we can adopt.
Join the discussion!

Renewable energy sources in the propulsion of work equipment and machinery

50% of the global temperature increase since 1951 is to be attributed to human activity 😱 (these are the more favourable estimates for us, there are also some that attribute a responsibility of 90% to us ❗)
The global rise in temperatures, the scarcity of resources and the increasing unpredictability of the energy market make the development of RES a necessity.
On 28 November, we invite you to a conference dedicated to renewable energy sources in machine drives.
On the programme::
  1. presentations by TAIR students on renewable energy sources
  2. presentations by students of scientific circles from Lodz University of Technology
  3. networking with industry representatives.
📆 28.11.2023
🚀 Start 10.00 AM
📌 22G Tymienieckiego St. Headquarter of Lodz Special Economic Zone

The conference is organised as part of the project co-financed by the EEA Funds.

First project publication released

The first project publication released

The next step of the “Automation and Robotics as a profession of the future” project is behind us!

The first publication has been released by researchers at the Technical University of Łódź, who 
based on their knowledge and experience, presented innovative solutions from renewable energy in the economy and everyday life. The material prepared promotes the development of vocational training in various aspects of economic life and ecology in the broadest sense. We would like to take this opportunity to thank a teacher of the Automation and Robotics Technical School for their assistance in translating the publication.

We look forward to reading it.